My little Harley Quinn and bat girl heroes con ready 

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The coolest hair bows ever! 

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Today I sing for her

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A sad melody echoes in the small room. My body sways somberly back and forth with a pace for mopping, somewhat keeping rhtym with the piano notes casting sharp staggering sounds as the vocals drop. A kind of haunting silence still stirs beneath the loud sonnets coming across the small desk top speakers I sing hearty and deep, filling my mocking words with emotional regret and longing for a few more days to say the little things I needed to say to her before she left us for good. I bellow out one of her favorite songs. Words not of my own creation but the original talents and workings of the great Patsy Cline. ” Crazy” A classic hit in her times.

I often times still smell her perfume, stopping me dead in my tracks, caught trying to fill my lungs with one last gasp of her scent. These lyrics are beautiful, and sad. They make me feel even more sad. Wiping away my salty tears with my shoulder and hoist the mop over the mop bucket giving it a good wring, preparing it for another pass across the floor.As this song comes to a close I gently plop the mop down on the hard wood floors take a deep breath and hit next on the play list.



Letting Her go

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There comes a time in life when every thing seems narrow. Choices have been made. I can only continue on knowing no certainty exist with in you.

I know myself like the back of my hand, and this I know for certain, although you may not love me, I love you anyway.

I have done everything to reach this point, now that I am  here, I am lost…when I think of life with out you.

I am Sad today. I let my self get slapped with a wave of feelings and overwhelming loss, death, acceptance of her being gone. It is difficult. Watching the life fade from her eyes, her body, her breath flowing from her lungs one last time… as I watched,  a part of me faded with her that day. I identified with her , this I can not say about anyone else.  I find myself often times a walking zombie becoming silent and emotionally void. Sometimes there seems to be more comfort in the cold….



Bobbie Fortenberry : Mother , Grandmother, Friend, and Loved very much.

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I will miss her very much.


Scrabble big win word

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Tempest learning how to play people are strange by the doors

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